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“Fleets that deploy FMS Tech. products become more responsive, efficient, and competitive.”

Your Technology Partner; Flexibility, Experience, and Innovations

To harness the unpredictable global supply chain and meet corporate objectives for comprehensive global fleet management reporting, companies can call upon the flexibility, experience and innovation of FMS Tech., a stable global partner who goes beyond the traditional to develop fleet solutions.

The Best Global Technology Available

FMS Tech., is one of the industry leaders for technology and global data integration. Our web-based fleet management system, FMS Tech. Office 2000 Portal, provides a user-friendly interface and is accessible through internet connection by fleet personnel in any country. FMS Tech. can even report on vehicles in any of the smaller, emerging markets that other major fleet providers avoid. This enables companies to capture relative fleet costs and information worldwide.

A Market as Diverse as the Landscape

FMS Tech. has realized the importance of focus, dedication, and specialization in our industry. We know that our clients have very unique, and dynamic needs that require customization. The FMS Tech. team is dedicated providing solutions for each unique challenge faced by clients to ensure their objectives are met and expectations are exceeded. FMS Tech. is in continuous development to enhance its products and supply its customers with new innovations at lower prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Let the qualified and well experienced FMS Tech. team provide you with exemplar support and customer service. We will train your employees on the software, hardware, reporting, and navigation of the FMS Tech. products while also being available, by your side, for support if needed.

Solutions Drive Profit

How will such a solution ensure that your value proposition and your services are better for your customers? FMS Tech. solution experts will show you how to:

  • Run a more efficient fleet.
  • Achieve transparency to gain insight to the details of your fleet.
  • Deliver new and innovative services that improve your B2B business.
  • Monitor, document, and communicate the data you specifically require to lower costs and increase revenue.

With FMS Tech. solutions, you will have complete transparency of your fleet, record real-time proof of delivery, automate workflows, and gather more detail- without placing added burden on you drivers thus improving customer service, increasing revenue opportunities and reducing the cost of operation.