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FMS SBD Sky Link


The FMS SBD Sky Link is a standalone Iridium modem designed to integrate with other FMS Asset Tracking devices devices to support the increasing demands for dual modem data transmission. The FMS SBD Sky Link is a smart satellite antenna and modem solution. In addition to capturing and storing trip details, the FMS SBD Sky Link gives fleet managers the ability to customize events, set thresholds monitor vehicle performance and driving behavior at all times.

Building on FMS Tech. in house expertise in satellite communication, Telematics and Asset Tracking, we have delivered a cost effective, compact solution for today’s M2M market. The FMS SBD Sky Link is an efficient, out-of-the-box global satellite solution, allowing customers to effortlessly connect to Iridium’s Satellite Network. Fully -qualified and certified to operate through harsh environments, the FMS SBD Sky Link is the uncomplicated, satellite addition to your customers’ telecommunications needs. The integration between FMS Asset Tracking platform and the FMS SBD Sky Link requires simple installation, enables to utilization of information quicker and is optimal for any developer who is facing an accelerated time-to-market requirement. This functionality not only significantly reduces development time and cost, but is also ideal for use in applications for the rapidly growing M2M market, including remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions.


  • Efficient out of the box global satellite solution
  • Connects to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite
  • Fully compliant with the FMS Track 2k+ and FMS Smart
    Mobility Platform
  • Fully qualified and certified to operate through harsh environments
  • The FMS SBD Sky Link is the uncomplicated satellite addition to your telematics and asset tracking needs
  • Simple installation
  • Support automatic switching between local GSM network and Iridium Satellite
  • FMS SBD Sky Link and FMS Track 2k+ offer the following
    • Online and offline tracking
    • Record the status of engine telematics, i.e. Truck speed, engine- RPM, fuel level, and engine temp
    • Record the status of up to 9 additional fully configurable vehicle sensor
    • GPS with 1 meter resolution
    • Geo-fencing – over 1500 trigger zone
    • Operator ID using RFID technology
    • Record trip details, start-and-end, location, time and date, routing, speed, KM driven, and driver violation
    • Multiple criteria event setting and configuration
    • Ignition relay; ability to limit access-to-vehicle to authorized individuals
  • FMS SBD Sky Link transmits:
    Position, Speed, RPM, Digital Input, Driver’s ID, and

Applicable Industries

Oil & Gas
Security & Customs
Waste Management
Taxi & Limousine Services
Public Bus Transport
Car Insurance
Transport & Distribution
Car Rental

Download FMS SBD Sky Link Data Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.