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FMS Persona 100 Plus


Persona 100+ is a light version black box device. With GPS and GSM connectivity, fleet managers will have the ability to get real-time vehicle coordinates and transfer them via GSM network, so, you can track your vehicles (truck, car, ship, etc…) easily and quickly. Its features include; compact size, easy installation and multiple functions. This device can perform tasks on vehicles such as monitoring temperature and use of seatbelt, while storing the information for analysis. This allows the identification and correction of bad habits before they result in crashes.

Our powerful web-based software will allow authorized customers (dispatchers, drivers and managers) to easily track vehicles day or night via web page. Customers can locate a vehicle’s present position, see the vehicle’s historical path, and monitor its speed and direction. They can also be notified of excessive speed, vehicle leaving predefined regions or triggered alarms.

FMS reports allow fleet managers to archive vehicle position and history (path) information from maps. Reports can be customized to include only certain types of events, or locations. All reports can be printed as well as viewed online, report data can also be downloaded in multiple file formats for further analysis or distribution.


  • Record Trip Detail including; start and end location, Start and
    end time, total trip duration, driving time, maximum speed, parking
    time, speed, daily distance, harsh brake, use of seatbelts and
    many other driving functions.
  • Report on driving errors including; over speeding, over
    revving, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, not wearing
    seatbelt, driving for continuous hours without resting, and
    driving at night, and optional tracking of door open/close,
    lights on/off, engine temperature, truck container door
  • In the case of an accident, the system will record for 10
    minutes prior to the accident. The recording interval is 10
    seconds for the first 9 minutes and 1 second for the last
  • Integrated buzzer acts as a warning alert for drivers when
    violations are committed.
  • Device Memory is 4 Mbytes, which translates to data for up
    to 60 days or 3,000 trips- depending on configuration, driving
    errors and driving distance.
  • Download can be done remotely via GPRS/ TCP protocol, or
    manually by serial communication USB.
  • The unique plastic case of this device is very rigid and
    suitable for installation into harsh environment such as
    truck, car, ship or other moving objects.
  • Data backup means that in case of losing connection, FMS
    Persona 100+ can store records and send the data via
    network once the connection is established.
  • The fleet manager or administrator can know the real-time
    location, speed, direction and other related information of
    the vehicle anytime in any place with online tracking.
  • LED indicators to signify: “Power”, “GPS”, “wireless
    communication” and “GSM” status.
  • Powerful web-based software for real time tracking of your
    vehicle via a map on PC, Android/IOS PDA with the FMS
    Smart Mobility Software.
  • This device comes with a unique geo-fence function which
    can be used to report to the base station when the vehicle is
    in/out of the predefined area.

Applicable Industries

Oil & Gas
Security & Customs
Waste Management
Taxi & Limousine Services
Public Bus Transport
Car Insurance
Car Rental
School Bus

Download FMS Persona 100 Plus Data Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.