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FMS Center 2000 Plus


Extracting information from on-board computers are sometimes a challenging and difficult task. However, with the FMS Center 2000 Plus, extracting information has never been easier! It can record a wide variety of events including how fast you drive and whether you “buckle-up” for safety. Companies can potentially use them to determine the driving habits of its drivers and review vehicle performance, reduce fuel usage and road accidents, save money and make smarter decisions.

In addition to capturing and storing trip details, the FMS Center 2000 gives fleet managers the ability to customize events, set thresholds monitor vehicle performance and driving behavior at all times.


  • Records trip details such as start-and-end date and time, driving time, standing time, parking time, Driver ID, maximum and average engine RPM
  • Records and analyzes driving errors such as over-speeding, over-revving, harsh acceleration, not wearing seatbelt, driving for continuous hours without resting, and driving at night
  • Customizable configuration for other perimeters such as door open, door close, lock status, lights, air condition, engine temperature, truck container door status, and 10 different sensor status
  • Accident Investigation System records vehicle speed and engine RPM every 1 second
  • Integrated buzzer to warn drivers of any driving errors
  • Contactless RFID proximity card or tag (RFID 13.56 MHz) for driver access control and security
  • Device Memory at 4 MB, 30 days or 1,500 trips depending on configuration, driving errors, and driving distance
  • GPRS Quad-band GSM 850, EGSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900 data communication
  • Device can be configured either manually or remotely

Applicable Industries

Oil & Gas
Security & Customs
Waste Management
Taxi & Limousine Services
Public Bus Transport
Car Insurance
Transport & Distribution
Car Rental

Download FMS Center 2000 Plus Data Sheet to know its complete Technical Specifications, or contact us.