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with an FMS-Tech Specialist to determine your concerns or challenges and from that create a customized solution package for optimal succes.

Implement and Train

Let us install your customized FMS-Tech hardware and software and train your fleet, assets, or cargo are safe and functioning to their optimal potential

Track and Trace

Use the automated reports, live tracking, and personalized messages to ensure your fleet, assets, or cargo are safe and functioning to their optimal potential

Record and report

Reports will be generated automatically and stored as historical data for your use in data analysis. Our FMS-Tech team is always standing by to help provide support and updates whenever you need it.

What is IVMS?

IVMS is an acronym for In Vehicle Monitoring Systems, a technology first introduced in the early 2000’s as a way for Oil and Gas companies to reduce road accidents, road fatalities, and encourage safe driving behavior. It has served its purpose well, and has now also evolved into a solution for a wide range of industries and applications.

Today IVMS uses vehicle telematics ie. vehicle speed, engine RPM, seatbelt, ..etc., to record, analyze, and report on driving statistics, hours driven, and driver performance.
A typical IVMS system includes an electronic device and computer software. The hardware has a number of inputs including frequency, analogue, digital, and a number of outputs such as; RS232, RS485, wireless, and Ignition Relay.

The FMS-Tech solutions also include optional features to customize the IVMS system to exactly the clients’ needs either expanding or reducing standard features to ensure the client does not over pay for something they do not need, while also ensuring each of their fleet management objectives are met through one simple tool and platform.

How FMS Tech System Works